End of Term 1




Announcement of all Grade 6 leaders and captains and the Junior School Council members with a presentation at assembly. 

Twilight Sports held last Friday night – great success and lovely weather. Special mention to the hardworking PFA team for supplying drinks and icy poles.


Grade 5&6 CBL Expo was very successful with grades visiting the Sue Goodall building during the morning and parents in the afternoon. Many positive comments were received from parents.


The Technology Leaders Team were lucky enough to be invited to attend the 2018 Melbourne Grand Prix Driving Learning Education Program on Friday 23rd March.  This event was run mainly by universities and presenters highlighted digital technologies to the children. Leigh Murphy, teacher, made valuable contacts with several university reps who would be excited to visit our school and display their technologies.

A new relocatable for a Grade  & Grade 2 class.


The introduction of Sound Waves Spelling program.

Choir performances at the Knox and The Basin Festivals.


Swimming – District 3rd place,  Division - 14 students competed and 5 students at Regional level.


The progress of our building program:


Works are progressing as per the timeline with the likelihood of the Admin   building finishing a few weeks earlier than planned. 

Within two weeks, both the gym and the admin building will be at lock stage.

Over the next term's holiday the Grade 1/2 building is being refurbished. Currently these teachers are packing up everything and removalists are booked to store boxed items and furniture over the holidays.

Have a happy and safe Easter and remember .... Term 2 commences on Monday 16th April