Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy Program Initiatives

Teachers at The Basin have developed new programs for Reading and Writing in recognition that the first two to three years of a child's literacy instruction are crucial.

We have put into place two hour Literacy blocks daily to ensure our children cover all aspects of learning in reading and writing.

For children who require additional assistance with their literacy learning we provide:

  • Additional daily opportunities for students to be read to by the classroom teacher, their buddy, a classroom helper, or using a taped story.
  • The opportunity to view and listen to many types of books
  • Additional opportunities for the practice of oral language through activities such as picture chats, daily news telling, general discussion, working in pairs, responsibility for tasks that require the child to speak.
  • Additional background experiences prior to reading such as making experience books after an excursion to the zoo, developing a class photograph album.
  • Time for conversations with the classroom teacher, a helper, or buddy at any time of the day about classroom routines and/or task at hand.
  • Support for writing efforts, with the classroom teacher or helper sitting alongside talking about the writing, helping to write what the student finds difficult, and encouraging the student to hear and record the sounds in words.
  • Opportunities for the development of basic concepts through rich and explicit language experience activities that can be developed from experiences such as visits to shops, the library and the local environment/neighbourhood.


  • Small-group support using Guided Reading.
  • One-to-three Literacy Lab for those children assessed as needing even more intensive assistance.
  • A Parent Helpers Program which enables interested parents to help children other than their own within the classroom.


Numeracy Program Initiatives

Learning mathematics creates many opportunities for students and enriches their lives for the future. Our programs focus on developing a strong foundation in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

We put in place one hour numeracy blocks daily to ensure students cover all areas and skills associated with mathematics. We teach mathematics in a range of approaches to accommodate for the diversity of student learning styles and abilities. They include:

  • Small-group work within the classroom setting.
  • Ability-based groups to differentiate the content and skills taught to individuals.
  • Online programs either in a large group setting or for personal use with computers or ipads.
  • Hands on experiences where students manipulate objects to gain a greater understanding of concepts.
  • Problem based approaches for students to practice using different thinking skills in order to solve real life situations.