School Council


The school community has elected parents and teachers to the Basin Primary School Council. The school council is responsible for managing the school in a variety of areas, including finance, education, publicity and buildings & grounds. Listed below are the Sub-committees that report and provide recommendation to School Council.


Buildings and Grounds: This sub-committee is responsible for the monitoring the maintenance of the School Buildings and Grounds. This committee reviews contracts, identifies areas of maintenance that are required and co-ordinates working bees.


Education: This sub-committee is responsible to School Council for auditing all policies as required and providing implementation strategies for newly introduced programs.


Finance: This sub-committee is charged with the responsibility of monitoring and administering the finances of the school community.


Publicity:  This sub-committee is responsible for promoting and reporting on events and news occurring at The Basin Primary School.


Committee Members


PRESIDENT: Darrell Holden                          VICE-PRESIDENT: Sara Schulz 


SECRETARY: Leah Davidson                         TREASURER: Sasha Kober




Parents representatives:

Jo Rodriguez, Rebecca Dell, Sharon Dodd, Marquita Telford


DET representatives:

Chris Donaldson. Amy Hillier, Dale Goldsmith, Andrew Caulfield

Community Member:

Helen Clark


School Council will meet every third Monday of the month at 7.30pm. Buildings & Grounds and Education meet on the first Monday of each month. Finance and Publicity meet at 7.00pm before each School Council meeting.