School Council

The school community has elected parents and teachers to the Basin Primary School Council. The school council is responsible for managing the school in a variety of areas, including finance, education and buildings grounds Listed below are the Sub-committees that report and provide recommendation to School Council.

Buildings and Grounds: This sub committee is responsible for the monitoring the maintenance of the School Buildings and Grounds. This committee reviews contracts, identifies areas of maintenance that are required and co-ordinates working bees.

Education: The Education committee is responsible to School Council for auditing all policies as required and providing implementation strategies for newly introduced programs.

Finance: This committee is charged with the responsibility of monitoring and administering the finances of the school community.


Newly elected School Council Members will be announced shortly-

President - Darrell Holden
Vice President - Karyn Mitchell
Secretary - Leah Maarse-Davison
Treasurer - Sasha Kober

School council will meet every third Monday of the month at 7.30pm. Buildings and Grounds and Education will meet the first Monday of each month. Finance meets at 7.00pm before each School Council meeting. Meetings times of the Promotions and fundraising committee will be announced shortly.

Each committee is seeking more parent members. Please contact the school if you would like to be involved.


Congratulations to our elected Junior School Council Representatives.

Junior School Council Captains:

Grade Prep:

Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:

Grade 4:

Grade 5: