Grade 3 & 4

What’s been happening in Level 3 & 4


Term 3 for level 3 and 4 has been, yet, another busy term, however very productive. The students have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the CAFÉ reading program as well as participating in Science Day and learning about the ‘Dreamtime’. The students loved Science Day and have also enjoyed doing Science and Technology rotations across the level. They participated in activities such as making parachutes, building bridges, making kaleidoscopes and designing pulleys.





In Level 3 and 4 this term, we have continued to use the CAFÉ reading program to support the students and their reading skills. We have been looking at and modelling a different strategy each week. The students then practise during independent reading sessions and focus on applying that strategy during reading groups. The students can now confidently choose a ‘good fit book’ and are becoming voracious readers. They have developed a new found love of books and are always engaged in their own book during independent reading time. Some of the skills the students have been learning this term have been: making a mental picture, making predictions and inferences, asking questions during the reading process and finding the author’s purpose. This strategy has an acronym which is ‘P.I.E’- the authors write to persuade, inform or entertain.




In writing, this term the students have been involved in learning about the structure of an Information Report. The students were able to recall reports in our everyday lives and some of the responses were: student report, newspaper article, news report, animal and country reports and reports found in non fiction texts. The task this term was to write an Information Report on an indigenous person. They were asked to find out about their personal lives, interests, occupations and achievements. The students loved using the iPads to complete this task.



The students have really enjoyed spelling this term. We have trialled a new approach to spelling. We have looked at word sums, word webs, word origins and matrices. The students have loved investigating words and identifying bases and their related word families. As well as this approach, we have continued looking at different sounds and their spellings. The students have also been engaged in spelling bees within their own classroom. This has given them the opportunity to practise spelling a wide range of words.



We have had another consistent term in maths. The students have loved participating in maths groups across both the grade 3s and 4s. These groups are targeted at the individual needs of the students. They have enjoyed learning new topics, becoming involved in games and getting to know different teachers across the level. This term the students have worked in maths groups for units on multiplication and fractions. We will continue with this structure in term 4.



Our topic for this term was the ‘Dreamtime’. The students have enjoyed learning about the life of Aborigines and the conditions before the White Settlers arrived. They participated in a variety of activities and learnt about bush tucker, the hunting and gathering process and the symbols associated with Aboriginal Art. The students loved designing their own art work and being a part of the Incursion that was held at our school on the 8th September. The students learnt and practised Aboriginal Dancing that was performed during ceremonies and Corroborees and became aware of Michael Longs organisation called ‘The Long Walk’.

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We can not believe it is the last week of term 1 already.  It has been a very busy, but exciting term. In the last 2 weeks we have had the twilight sports. An activity that really brings the school together. We were so proud of the students and the courage and sportsmanship they demonstrated on the evening. Thank you to all the students who participated and gave it their best effort.
The students have been finishing off their learning of the discovery of Australia by completing an explorer research project where the students pick an explorer of their choice and find out information about their life and discoveries.
In maths, the students have been about length and matching the appropriate unit of measurement. The students have also learnt to convert from cm to m and km. The students enjoyed building a television out of blocks, then ruling one up that had to equal 1m or 100cm.
The students have been working hard to complete their tasks to add to the learning journal. These are a fabulous way to celebrate students work and include work they are proud of. It also includes assessment tasks for us to monitor progress and set goals for term 2.
We wish to thank all our parents who have helped us this term on our excursion and to support our classroom program. We couldn’t do it without you.
Grade 3/4 Literacy 
We have been continuing with the CAFÉ menu in the past 2 weeks. We have been working on using dictionaries and thesauruses as tools to help us improve our vocabulary.
Readers need to use many word-learning tools to increase their understanding of words and the texts they are reading.
We have also been working on our accuracy. The strategy we have been working on is taking the individual sounds of letters or phonemes and blending them together to read a word accurately.
 We teach this by giving students an elastic band that they pull apart a bit with each sound, stretching out both the band and the word.